Criminal Defense

We know that when you are facing a criminal charge you are concerned and are uncertain where to turn. We are here to help you understand the charges you are facing, what the potential outcomes of guilty finding are, and to help understand the circumstances leading up to your arrest.

Criminal Defense

Our goal is always the same which is to defend you vigorously in court. The sooner you contact us after your arrest, the easier it may be to work out a resolution. Oftentimes, if we can get involved right away, we can work with prosecutors to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Misdemeanor drug possession charges, drunk driving charges, or assault charges can result in long-term consequences if you are found guilty. We know these charges can have an impact on your future ability to secure employment, housing, and in some cases, even loans. We will defend you aggressively in court against any criminal charge you are facing. We are determined to protect your future.

We know how aggressively prosecutors are about filing charges. Oftentimes, they will seek the maximum charges in the hopes they can make a case for winning a case with lesser charges. We see this all the time, and we are committed to defending every case as aggressively as possible.

If you, or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in the Houston, TX area, contact McClain Legal immediately. The sooner we are contacted, the sooner we can help get this matter resolved successfully.