Traffic Tickets

Traffic infractions including speeding, running a red light, or failure to yield may not seem very serious on the surface. If this is your first offense, it may seem even less relevant. However, keep something in mind, paying off a traffic ticket, instead of fighting back is the same as pleading guilty to the charge you are facing.

Traffic Tickets

While that may not have an immediate impact, it could have an impact later in terms of increased insurance premiums, and points against your driving record. A second offense would likely result in a steeper fine and may mean more serious consequences including loss of your driving rights.

You Can Fight Back

Regardless of the reason you were issued a traffic citation, we strongly recommend fighting back. Each traffic citation is assigned a point value towards your driving record. Depending on the violation, these citations can be there for several years, resulting in higher insurance premiums. The more points you accumulate, the higher the probability a minor infraction will result in the loss of your driving rights.

We have experience defending Houston, TX drivers against a wide range of traffic violations. You have a right to fight back against a violation, and we strongly encourage you to do so. We will take the time to find out the circumstances surrounding the stop that resulted in a violation and help determine a plausible defense. Contact Ponce Law, PLLC if you have received any type of traffic citation and let us see if we can help defend you in court.